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Advantages of on demand Tankless hot water heaters


Water heaters have become a compulsory appliance in every household nowadays mainly the tankless water heater. As it is tremendously painful to work or bathe in icy cold water during the winter season, so having a water heater at home is a must.

Types of On Demand Hot Water Heaters

  • Now there are several best on demand hot water heater reviews available. If we put them in a group, then basically there are three groups.
    •    Storage types water heater
    •    Hybrid water heater
    •    Tankless water heater
  • Storage types water heaters

Storage type water heaters have a big storage of water, where the water is heated and then stored for further use. This is one of the most common water heaters. The storage is mainly an insulated one to keep the water hot. There are two mechanisms available to heat up the water:
•    Natural gas water heaters, and
•    Electric water heaters.
Though you have to pay a hefty electricity bill regularly for electric heaters, it costs a lot less than the natural gas ones. But it costs a lot more than a tankless water heater.

  • Hybrid water heaters:-

Hybrid water heaters are a special type of heaters where the heater absorbs heat from its surrounding environment and uses that heat to warm up the water. This type of heaters is very energy efficient, but it does not work properly where the atmospheric temperature is very low. You also need more than 1500 cubic feet of warm and free space to warm up the water properly. This is especially used in public use as this is not appropriate for day to personal day usage.

  • Tankless water heater:-

Tankless water heater is a perfect water heater. It is run by electricity and does not have a storage tank like the first one. In this type of heater, water directly comes from the inlet. There is a heater coil inside it which heats up the water instantly, and the warm water comes out from the outlet. As there is no tank for storage, it only allows a limited amount of water usage at a single time. So this heater is not at all suitable for public use or where hot water is needed 24×7. It best suits home usage where water is typically used for only cleaning washing and bathing.
Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of a tankless water heater.
•    The first and foremost advantage of a tankless water heater is its cheap cost.
•    It has a higher rate of producing warm water than the other heaters as this does not store water.
•    It uses a coil which warms up the heater. So this is a very fast process.
•    It is just the perfect for daily house usage where water is needed just to wash or bathe.
•    These are more energy efficient than normal storage heaters.
Though tankless water heater has some major issues like its limited warm water supply or a regular electricity bill, one cannot deny that it has become one of the most popular heaters worldwide.