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Different Types Of Log Splitters


Log splitters are useful equipments which split the firewood that is required to stoke the fire in a fire place. While heaters are now the most preferred mode of keeping the cold air out, fire place has its own charm. For people burning wood, log splitters are a useful and must have equipment. Apart from this wood is used for a lot of things. It can be used in house for domestic purposes and also in restaurants and hotels. There are a lot of log splitters that are available in the market. Depending on the amount of log that you use and also the purpose for which you require it will determine the type of log splitters you need to buy.

Different Types of Log Splitters

Manual Log Splitters: These are the most lightweight and easy to carry log splitters. You can even carry it when you are travelling. It is one of the most basic and easy to use hand splitters. Manual log splitter as the name suggests is a simple log splitting device that can either be hand operated or leg manual log splitteroperated. It is mostly useful for people having domestic use of logs in a limited capacity like making a bonfire or wood for the fire place or even some DIY
woodwork around the house. It requires some manpower but is definitely better than using the axe for the same purpose. However if you have a lot of wood to work on then manual log splitter is not the ideal choice as it requires effort and is time consuming at the same time.

Electric Log Splitters: The electric log splitters are one of the most popular log splitters used by people. you have to check electric log splitter reviews can be used outdoors as well as indoors, practically any place where you can have an electric outlet. The only flip side is that they can be very noisy especially if electric log splitteryou are planning to use it indoors. Like manual log splitters the electric log splitters can be carried around easily even when you are travelling. These are generally compact in size and provide a good wood splitting experience for domestic use. In fact many restaurants and hotels also use it to make bonfire or to be used in fire place as well. Since it is an electrical appliance, it does not require any manual effort and is very easy to use.

Gas Log Splitters: These are the most powerful log splitter powered by gas. However many people also think them to be the most expensive as gas prices gas log splitterhave hit the roof over the past decade or so. Gas Log splitters are mostly used for commercial requirements where you need to split very large logs. Gas log splitters require a lot of maintenance. Because it has a gas engine it requires regular maintenance of the parts as well as oil change. Although there is no denying the fact it is the most powerful log splitting device.