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How To Install Fish Finder on Marine Boats


It does not matter whether you are a fisherman by profession or not. If you are still interested in fishing, then the very first thing that you need to know is about installing fish finder on your marine boat. A fish finder is now a new technique that can help you in knowing where you can get a good bunch of fish. Also, the device offers you other features such as GPS and time.

The Binnacle Mount

The very first step in installing a fish finder is to mount the Binnacle. The Binnacle has to be installed at the center of the helm from where the view can be the best. Also, make sure that you are mounting the binnacle at a height that is maximum till your shoulder. Make sure that there is no hindrance at the area where you are mounting the binnacle else you may have trouble in tilting or rotating the device.  Drill an area on the help properly to install the unit wires. Try to make a hole from which almost all the wires can enter and exit. This will save the helm from multiple holes. Now place the binnacle and then secure the holes and other locking areas properly.if you are still confused how to install fish finder then read this article flannel fishermen there are best fish finder articles  which help  you  how to choosing best fish finder as well provide installation process.installed fish finder on boat

Power leads

It may happen that the wires to the plug point has got shortened or are too long. As it is important to increase the length of the wire so that it reaches till the plug point, similarly it is also important to shorten the wire so that the helm is not messed up with wires. Make sure to increase the length of the wire by using copper wire and proper color coding. Some useful tools that you can use for such purpose are barrel crimped connectors, solder, and others. It is important to secure the wire with cushioned clamps after an interval of every 18 inches.

The Transducer

The mounting of the transducer is almost the same as mounting the binnacle. You need to search for a perfect location, drill in thehole for the wires, connect the wires and mount the transducer. After installing you need to adjust it a bit so that it fits perfectly in the brackets that you will also be installing. Here there are some important warning points that you should surely consider. You should not cut the wire size down. Also, you should not bundle the wire of the transducer with that of the engine or others.

Finally, when you have completed doing all these, it is time to cover up the messed up wire. When you start the boat, then you can know whether the reading is proper or not. Maximum times, when the reading is not proper, this can be due to the improper height of the transducer. So, test drives are required for a few times to get the best results.

Fishing is not only a profession; it can also become your hobby. In either of the cases, you get happy only when you catch a fish. In this case only buying the right fish finder is not important; it is also needed to know about how to install it correctly.